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I'm young, but this brat knows a lot already.  I know that I'll never settle for a loser with a small cock.  Big dicks only, please!  I mean, 'cause if you call me with a tiny one, I'm gonna laugh at it and torture it and do everything in my power to make you cry like a little girl.

I'm a brat and a princess, and I don't like to be bored.  Losers are boring to me, so that means they get to suffer for my entertainment... and probably the entertainment of my 12 closest sorority sisters!

Small penis humiliation rocks, but don't think it's just gonna stop there.  I think ballbusting is the shit.  And, believe me, I know enough big-dicked frat guys to keep your mouth and ass busy for hours.  I want you bent over and spread open, bitch!

Why are you still waiting?  If you think you can handle this princess, then call me already! 

Call Now   1-877-712-3223    

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