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Face it, your dick's just too small to satisfy a woman like me.  A real woman needs a real man, not a limp dick, tiny dick loser.  My current lover has a 10" cock, and I'm willing to bet not only is it TWICE as big as yours, it's probably even THREE times as big.  Be sure to have a ruler handy when you call I just love to compare!  Even better if you turn your cam on, I'd love to have a good laugh at that lil thing.

I just love to fuck. I can't think of a time since high school where I wasn't insatiable for sex and for cock.  Not just any cock; you're soon to find out I'm a size queen in every sense of the word.  The bigger the better and what they is true, once you go black you never go back!  That's right baby, I love black dick.  Interracial phone sex is one of my specialties.  And don't you worry, there's plenty of his black dick for you to have a little taste as well.  Cream pie never tasted like this before.

So now that your panties are wet and your balls are tingling, don't you think it's time to pick up the phone and call?  Better hurry, my lover is on his way ~wink~

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