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I am a Goddess to be worshiped and adored.  You are a submissive who needs to serve a Mistress in order to feel complete.  Your idea of a perfect evening is kneeling at My feet waiting my next command.  It is My pleasure that is your reward.  Be a good boy and I might let you kiss My perfect tight ass.  Please me in every way and you, my pet, might be allowed to taste the juice from my Goddess pussy.

I will make you confess all your hidden fetishes.  I know you have a foot fetish already, I can tell by the way your little dick quivers when your eyes are downcast.  I think you have an ass fetish too, your balls pull up nice and tight thinking about the privilege of reaming my Goddess asshole.  You were born to serve and I was born to be served.

I am as talented at phone sex as I am at commanding a submissive in real life.  I am descriptive and I am vocal and as much as I am ALWAYS in control, I will always take the time to listen to your desires as well.  I won't guarantee I'll give in to all of them, after all, we've already decided your greatest pleasure is in pleasing Me, but I will at least consider your thoughts and desires.

Serve your Goddess today.

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