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I'm Misty, and I just love my cock.  You might look at it and argue that it's just a dildo or just a plastic cock and you're right about that.  But my black strap-on cock is so much more.  You can't take your eyes off of it and it's at least twice as big as your pathetic little weenie.  Your pussy asshole is starting to quiver in anticipation. In my world, you're the little-dicked sissy bitch and I am the Strapon Queen.  You're going to beg to suck my cock while I stand in front of you and stroke it.  I am going to tease you and taunt you.  And you will beg, plead and even grovel for my fat dick.  I am going to fuck your slutty mouth hole until my fat black cock is dripping with your spit ... and then .... you are going to get up on your hands and knees and beg me to take you like the dirty bitch you are. 

My last sissy told me I fucked like a man.  Of course I fuck like a man - It may be plastic but it is MY COCK - and if you're a hot fuck for me, I'll even cum when I'm reaming your sweet sissy ass.

What are you waiting for bitch boy? Get your toys and lube ready — you've never had strap on phone sex like this before!

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