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I see the adoring look in your eyes.  I know it's because you want to look like Me, you want to be Me.  You dream about being sexy and feminine and beautiful, don't you? The dress, walk, talk and BE the sissy boy you crave to be inside. That's why you're here.  You think I have what it takes to transform you into the proper sissy slut that you've always needed to be.  You are right about one thing - I do have what it takes and you will transform into a precious pantyboy pet.

I am Mistress Mayven, confident, beautiful, and feminine at the same time.  Mayven in Hebrew means "expert" and there is no doubt I live up to My name.  I am an Expert in all things silky, satiny, sensual and girly.  I know what it takes to bring a man to his knees begging to be My "special girl".  There is much more to sissy boy phone sex than putting you in panties.  It's about making you INTO a sissy, making you FEEL like a girl.  Making you believe that you are the prettiest girl in the world. 

I have expertise in cross dressing and forced feminization — panties and panty boys, stockings and lingerie fetishes, sexy shoes, make up and more.  I know of things like helping you control that man voice and turning it into a sissy voice.  I will teach you to make love like a woman and get fucked like a dirty sissy bitch. 

...and everything in between.

You've never had cross dressing phone sex like this before.  I am Mistress Mayven and I am waiting to transform you into my obedient sissy girl.

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