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I am a cuckoldress with a major agenda. I thoroughly enjoy is an audience; for the man in my life to revel - to need - to watch the woman he adores being pleasured in ways that he knows he cannot accomplish.

Imagine how humiliated you would first feel, knowing that your woman is being fucked by another, more adept man. You being forced to sit in our bedroom, watching a complete stranger filling me up. Would you whimper? Run away? No, of course not. You will sit obediently. You will watch and learn. If you are a particularly good student, you can clean up the mess. After all, that cream pie was put there for a reason. Lap it up in delight so that we can both enjoy our night. 

Depending on the circumstances, I may have you prove your love for me by getting our guest ready for action. You know what I mean. Get that man hard and ready for playing with your lady. If you're so anxious to have me suck your pathetic excuse for a cock, the least you could do is not choke on a rod that was truly meant to be sucked. Once you feel our new friend's cock swell in your mouth, you will know exactly how it feels to be a used for sex. What do you do now? If you're lucky, you'll bury your face in the pillow and raise your ass in the air! Take it like the man you are. Take it for me. Take it for us. After all, what other purpose do you serve than to ensure my pleasure and entertainment?

My name is Lillian, you cuckold wife, your slut girlfriend and the teacher of the cock curious. You will become so enthralled with me that your mere happiness will be regulated by my sexual appetite.

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