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I do so enjoy a man who takes the time to worship my body with his hands and tongue. You will understand intimately, that it is less about your pleasure and more about mine.. A woman's body, especially mine, is so complex and mysterious, with my curves, dips and valley, that only a skilled phone sex body worshiper can truly appreciate it in the right manner. You should also know that servicing a beautiful, intelligent, sensual phone sex goddess, such as myself, is an honor and a privilege, *not* a right. It is a privilege that must be earned.

Many men can only dream of what it would be like to place their tongue or hands on my body. Only the most devoted and talented phone sex devotees are privy to my divine flesh. If I feel you have earned a taste, I will climb on top of you for a hot pleasure session for myself. There's nothing quite as enjoyable as a skilled and deliberate tongue slipping deeply into the folds of my peaks and valleys.

Are you ready? Do you think you have what it takes to kneel at my perfect feet? Are you skilled enough to trace the curves of my body with your ever moving tongue? What would you do to earn the privilege to touch even the smallest portion of this perfectly proportioned form? Would you beg? Would you profess your undying devotion to me? Would you expose yourself to me completely? Would you shower me with pretty flattery and the gift of your hard-earned money spent on time with me? Nothing less will earn you the privilege that you seek.

Are you ready to be used for my pleasure? Then call and ask for your Goddess Helena, so your ultimate experience in body worship can begin.

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