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I am Dominique, young and demanding.  Don't be fooled by my innocent young look, I am as dirty and deviant as they come.  I learned at a very young age how to get what I want from men.  My Daddy was a pushover and all I had to do was smile pretty and he'd hand his wallet right over.  As I got older, I learned that most men would do anything to have the attention of a pretty girl like Me.  I know that I'm bitchy and selfish, and you'll soon know that I have a right to be.

I know how to use sex, or in your case,  the tease of sex, to get presents - jewelry, a car, vacations and more.  We both know that no price is too high for the privilege of you being on your knees ready to worship my perfect, sweet, young ass.  I'll turn you into a groveling money pig as I rape your wallet.  I'll turn on my sweetness and charm until you're begging to be my $ugar Daddy.

The things you'll learn to do for a sniff of my panties.  Be careful what you wish for, you might find yourself wearing them in front of me and my friends! You'll kiss my dirty feet.  You'll beg to be the most disgusting pervert and plead with me to be in my presence.  I'll step on you and wipe my feet on your face, and like everything else I bestow upon you, you'll pay the price for it too.

Get out your credit card, my panties are already wet imagining the games we're going to play.  I'm waiting ...

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