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Ever since I can remember I always loved to play dress up.  I think I learned from my mother about never going out of the house without looking your best!  When I was in high school I was always the best dressed, had to have the cutest clothes and latest fashions.  All the boys wanted to date me and the girls were all jealous of me.  I earned the reputation of being a cock tease and learned to relish the role.  Sure, I've dated a lot of the guys, I tease them too, making them think they are the lucky ones to get into my panties.  I have to say my favorite part of every date is seeing their hard cocks in their pants and then pushing them away, and laughing.  Stupid boys thinking they are the ones to fuck me?  They learned quick as will you - cock tease phone sex is my specialty.

I started dating older men when I grew tired of the "boys".  I honed my cock teasing skills and was soon trained in the art of the ruined orgasm by one of the men I was dating.  He was submissive and in love/lust with me - but it was through him I learned the power of Domination and Mind Control of weak men.  He loved me to tease his little penis and balls until he was ready to explode, teasing and denial if you will, only I take it a step further.  When I did allow his orgasm, I learned how to ruin all the fun of it for him and actually make it quite painful.  Nothing sweeter to my ears than the sound of a man begging NOT to cum. 

Teasing and Denial, Cock Teasing, Ruined Orgasms - Sexy and Alluring Ms. Astrid knows what you need even if you don't.  Pick up the phone, I know you want to be with me. ~wink~

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